The Greenwood System 120™


Research tested, peer reviewed, and proven to be 85% Effective with a 95% Approval Rating ~ Career Development Quarterly

Helping Consultants and Educational Professionals with Career Counseling


Find Your Passions and a

Career that is Right for YOU!


Combining Abilities, Interests, Values, and Personality to find the best matches!

Identify your Career Interests, Learn your Grit Score, and Personality Characteristics

Then learn your TOP 100 Career Matches!

And the LEAST LIKELY 50!

Absolutely fantastic service. I’d highly recommend it to other parents and students. Exceptional in all respects and very informative. Parent of a Senior

Our kids had never thought much about those issues at all or had the topics introduced by anyone else. I think it was a real eye opener and thought/analysis expander for them! Parent of a Senior and a College Student

Schools, Colleges, and Institutions

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