Individualized Service

This was the happiest holiday season for us and our three children that you assisted.

Each came to you for a different reason but your individualized approach has changed their lives. As a mom, I can now breathe easier knowing that my children are on the right track and happy. I have told my friends about Greenwood Associates and hope they will also take advantage of your services. We just wanted you to know and to thank you again.
– D.& Dr. MR

High School Student

Dr. Greenwood, I wanted to share with you my acceptance letter to the University of Miami. Your guidance, direction, and helpfulness helped me to realize my dream, reach my goal, and continue to strive for any future goals I will have. Your program made things so much easier and clearer in pursing a higher education.
– NS

Private/Local School Selection

My son’s progress at the school you recommended has SOARED past all expectations. He said that in the next grading period he is making more A’s. You really picked the right school for him!!!
– LR

Special Needs Services

Once again my wife and I think of your help with gratitude. It has changed all of our lives plus the lives of our older children.
– Dr. SK

All three of our adopted children are clients of Dr. Greenwood. Her testing, intuition and breadth of knowledge gave us fresh insights and new options. Her understanding of the individual was so finely tuned and gently articulated that each child immediately identified with and accepted her assessments and recommendations. Most astoundingly, her recommendations have been simultaneously surprising and remarkably suitable for each child. Sometimes her recommendations have required a leap of faith, but we have learned to trust her judgment when it comes to figuring out what each child needs to become more healthy and successful.
– CW

College Student

Dr. Greenwood, I can’t thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction. Your guidance has truly helped me get my life in order and has helped me set goals that I know I will accomplish. You are the best! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– AD


After spending 2 years trying to find a career that would suit me and be fulfilling and exciting, I finally gave in to the frustration and agreed to try a different approach. That is how I ended up in your office. While I was taking the first of those tests, I realized that I was doing something that I should have done a long time ago. I came out of our meeting refreshed and reenergized and for the first time in a long while, I had a plan. Without your help, I may never have found the direction I have been searching for so desperately.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.
– BS

Boarding School Selection

This past year has been one of my daughter’s most successful years. You had such a strong feeling about the school being the right place for her, though it would pose an academic challenge. You correctly felt it had so many other things going for it that it would bring good balance into her life, that it was well worth it. Thank you over and over for listening to us and directing us to the right school.

Parent e-Learning

Having just taken the E- Training for parents, I must say that it is one of the most coherent and straightforward guides to this difficult issue that I have encountered. As a physician and the parent of a struggling child, I approached this entire process with great trepidation. Sending my young daughter away to a residential treatment facility was daunting enough, but, being of a certain age and seeing that the ground had shifted under me since my training years ago, I was amazed when you were able to so effortlessly and reassuringly introduce the nomenclature necessary to navigate this subject. I felt greatly empowered seeing my uncertainty vanish with an algorithm so well-defined that its use in training lay parents will surely empower them also.
– Dr. EL