The Greenwood Institute

The Greenwood Institute was established to assist professionals in the delivery of services to clients. Systematic approaches, developed over the past 30 years, was created to help clients make critical decisions in their lives. Whether it is finding a match between a troubled teen, the level of care needed, and programs to meet those needs, or identifying a career direction or a college, college major, or boarding school, the workshops and e-learning programs will give professionals new tools to increase successful outcomes.

Evidence Based Practice for Special Needs Practitioners Online Training:

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This e-learning program is appropriate for educational consultants, psychologists, counselors and program service providers in the delivery of services to special needs clients and their families. The following topics are covered:

• Fundamentals of the Greenwood Associates Classification System ™
• Characteristics to target while assessing the client and family
• Characteristics to consider when evaluating possible programs/schools
• Methods to define a client’s needs based upon a systematic clinical formulation
• Methods to assign “level of care” designations to schools/programs
• Components of a plan for the client and family based on the above criteria
• Ways to determine the timing for the implementation of the plan
• Ways to be helpful in the admissions process to programs/schools
• Variables to target while monitoring a client’s progress in a program/school
• Variables to target for transition and discharge planning
• Components to develop a systematic database to sort programs/schools into levels of care