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GS Counselor Conversations About Career Counseling

Greenwood System Counselor Conversations take place each month and discuss specific aspects of career counseling. If you are interested in becoming a GS Counselor or Program, contact us at

Career Counseling for the NOT Career Ready

Career Counseling the NOT Career Ready, a research based presentation look at the Career Decision-Making Difficulties (CDD) Framework and applying Bandura’s Perceived Self-efficacy Theory and Crites Career Maturity Theory. This GS Counselor Conversation took place Nov 2020 and covers best practice Career Counseling practices.

Trauma Informed Career Counseling

Learn how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect brain development which have long-term consequences for mental and physical health, resulting in poor career and life fulfillment experiences. Learn how to become a trauma informed career counselor and use best practices to help clients who may have trauma in their past.

Videoconferencing Best Practices for Career Counselors

This presentation covers best practices when  videoconferencing with clients. Taped during the time of sheltering in place and social distancing, many have had to move to tele health options and this presentation helps counselors better prepare and practice distance counseling.

Life Design and Career Construction - A Post Modern Approach to Career Counseling

This presentation looks at Mark Savickas’ Post Modern approach to career counseling and its similarity to elements in the Greenwood System.

Internet Resources for Career Counselors

This presentation shares some of the most useful Internet resources available for career counselors for career exploration, educational exploration, and interpreting personality data.

Mindset and Career Counseling

This presentation covers the work of Dr. Carol Dweck and her work with Mindset. Specific emphasis is placed on young adults who are struggling to define their past and use their previous experiences learn and grow into a growth mindset adult.

Grit and Career Counseling

This presentation covers the work of Dr. Angela Duckworth and Grit. Specific emphasis is placed on young adults who are struggling to find their passions and purpose.

Nancy Schlossberg - Transition Theory Presentation

This presentation covers the work of Nancy Schlossberg and her Transition Theory. Specific emphasis is placed on young adult transition to independence in this conversation.

John Holland Presentation - March 2019

This presentation covers John Holland’s work and his contribution to career counseling.

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