Career Development for College Students

Increased education costs and a more competitive workplace have created the need for careful long-range planning. Choosing a college or university, or major area of study, can be a costly investment and is too important to leave to chance.

The Greenwood System was designed to provide professional guidance to families making these important decisions. Students learn about themselves, the world of work, and where they “fit in” through a self-exploration process, that includes interviews, a series of assessments, and feedback sessions with a counselor. Students learn how to think about themselves and how to make a match with the world of work. Equipped with this knowledge, students can then make better informed decisions about what schools to visit and how to choose a college major.

The Greenwood System was validated in a 2003 research study that indicated that 65.4% of randomly selected clients adhered to the program recommendation at least three years after receiving the service. Those who adhered to the recommendations were found to be significantly more committed to their careers. Additionally, 85% reported that the program met their needs and 95% would recommend the program to others.

The Greenwood System develops self-awareness that helps students find a focus and gives them the confidence necessary to meet future challenges.

The Process

– An initial consultation with the student and family.

– Evaluation of student academic records with special attention to the needs of the gifted or learning disabled student.

– Computer-assisted and written assessments of the student’s interests, aptitudes, values and personality.

– Extensive interview of the student to assist in identifying strengths, interests and values.

– Identification of potential colleges and universities, majors and careers that complement the student’s profile.

– Guidance on the college admissions process and career research.

– A final summary report which includes test results and recommendations.

– A parent conference that establishes realistic goals for the student.

While in college, it is not uncommon for many students to change majors several times. Unsure of their choices or acting with little guidance, they often lose confidence in their ability to make this important decision.

The Greenwood System establishes a clear career goal for college students. This allows them to focus on the subjects and courses that will best prepare them for entry into their chosen profession. Many students are taking five years or longer to complete a bachelor’s degree. Students with a focus are more likely to finish in four. They can also target internships, campus work experiences and summer jobs that will give them valuable experience in their field.

Other students may prefer to prepare for graduate school by choosing a Liberal Arts focus in their undergraduate program. The goal is to identify what is right for each student and congruent with the family values.

The Greenwood System will help students get that extra edge so necessary when seeking a selective graduate school or an entry-level position following graduation.