The Greenwood System 120™ & 45™


Research tested, peer reviewed, and proven to be 85% Effective with a 95% Approval Rating ~ Career Development Quarterly

Greenwood System Testimonials

Greenwood Systems provides an excellent way for our clients to learn more about themselves while being exposed to career opportunities. These tools fuel thoughtful conversations and clear action plans. Clients who engage in the process gain confidence and hope for their future.

Project Patch, ID

Chuck Hagele, Executive Director

The team at Greenwood System have encouraged communication between us and are consistently offering help to answer any questions we have regarding a specific students results. I feel that they are another department within the company rather than another company I’m trying to work with.

Telos U, UT

John Hall, Director of Research

At Benchmark Transitions, we administer the Greenwood System career assessment to all of our clients who are admitted into the Outpatient & Transitional Living portion of our program.  The Greenwood System has been very beneficial for our clients.  They are usually fascinated with all of the information and amazed with the results of the Myers-Briggs and how accurate it is.  The clients also find the career choices very helpful as well; it is helpful in shaping their direction and giving them viable career options to research and consider for their future.  The Greenwood System report is full of relevant and valuable information that our clients can refer to well after leaving treatment.  We’d recommend that all treatment centers offer the Greenwood System to their clients because career development is a very important aspect of becoming an independent adult.

Benchmark Transitions, CA

Stephanie Horn, M.Ed., Education Coordinator

Thank you so much for working with my daughter. It was very helpful. She had no idea which direction she wanted to go & had never even heard of epidemiology (neither had I). But she’s very excited about it, so I couldn’t be happier. She never would have found something so perfect for her without your help. She plans to get her Bachelors degree in Public Health & then she will get her MPH in Epidemiology!

Parent of High School Senior

The Greenwood System is an excellent tool to get clients actively engaged in determining a career path that aligns with their personality, beliefs, goals, and strengths.  

one. to. one. treatment, CA

Kevin Torchen , Clinical Coordinator

We use the GS 120 as part of our young adult wilderness program.  Our clients have found this tool to be very helpful in giving guidance to career uncertainty.  Our clients, specifically do not know what they want to do or how to figure it out.  This has been a great compass for them.

Blue Fire Wilderness Therapy, ID

Reid Treadaway , Founder

Just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how beneficial the Greenwood System is to our CLE students and everyday jobseekers. I have been in the Employment & Training industry for over 15 years and have yet to find an assessment that’s able to break down an individual’s personality, abilities, interest and values- all in one. The Greenwood System is an assessment that I would recommend to every school board district within the United States. I would recommend that every high-school Freshmen, take the assessment as an entrance exam, and Senior’s should re-take the assessment as they exit high-school and enter into the workforce. I find the Greenwood System to be user-friendly, and valuable to our students future career path.

College Living Experience, CA, CO, MD, TX,FL,

Linda Pierre, Career Development Coordinator

We have only just begun using the Greenwood system for career assessment and it’s helped our young adults see their strengths, identify the possibilities they have available to them and move forward with a plan of action. 

Forte Strong, UT

Elliot Spaulding

The GS 120™ gives our kids focus and direction. Having a career direction has increased their drive and made them grittier. Head of School


We were delighted to meet Beth and Dan and learn about their comprehensive program.  When we tried it on our first client we were thrilled with the outcome, as was he.  The analysis confirmed his areas of interest and helped him look at his interest with a broader view.  He was then able to look for jobs with greater confidence.  Thanks for creating an excellent tool for those looking for career direction.  

Options for College Success, IL

Shoshana N. Axler, Director of Admissions and Operations